Wall Street Journal Admits H-1B Visa Fraud Abounds

The International Socialists over at WSJ aren’t too smart.

They just admitted the US is training the supposedly highly skilled and talented foreign workers and students that are being admitted to the US.

That’s visa fraud.

Under US law, H-1B visas can only be issued to someone who already posesses skills that can’t be found in the US workforce.

If the entrant doesn’t have the skills claimed, they can’t even be admitted to the US, legally.

And most of the foreign “students” here are actually industrial spies for foreign nations.

And the language of the article proves that it was most likely written by a NASSCOM PR agent. No one in the US uses language such as “he should scotch a mooted labor regulation”.

Mooted”? How is it mooted? It’s US law:


If these visas are temporary then how do they come in, open their own staffing companies, get law degrees and start law firms, and never leave. There’s nothing temporary about these visas. They are an invasion force.

The WSJ “staff article” is an India Inc PR “news” story.

Thanks WSJ for proving our point that the US does not need most of these foreign workers. In fact, they’re robbing us.

And they’re conducting criminal fraud.

Are you listening DHS?

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