Y2K visa overstayers hold rally to support merit-based immigration

From 2018.

Boo hoo hoo.

H-1B is NOT an immigration visa. It is a temporary non-immigrant visa.

How long is temporary?

Non-immigrants have no say in US politics.

India thinks it owns US visa programs

They aren’t “Indian-Americans”. They are Y2K visa overstayers who never left in 2002 when they agreed to and are now demanding green cards.

The original agreement when the visa caps were raised in 1998 and 2001 was they would be here for Y2K only then go home.

Why are they even still here let alone protesting?

The Unregistered Foreign Agent rhcusa.com was behind the rally.

Why are temporary guests allowed to demand green cards, storm the US gov’t and tell it what to do?

India is using our visa laws to invade and take over our country.

Nothing quite like temporary guests flooding your country and then demanding stuff from you now is there?

There is no backlog, they were all supposed to go home. They were never supposed to move in and take over.


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Except that they have broken the law – as did their parents, namely Title 8, Section 1182, Indmissible Aliens, Subsection 5.

RHC better go read the law. They are all displacing American workers and that makes them all inadmissible to the US under Title 8.

It is illegal for any of them to even set foot in the US, let along work and make demands here.

You’re not in favor of violating US law RHC are you?

Are you?

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