Former Indian Inc Mafia Cisco Employee Arrested, Charged With $9.3 Million Wire Fraud

$10 million bucks is quite a huge, brazen wire fraud.

You may remember the US gov’t found a while back that Cisco illegally discriminated against American tech workers in favor of a huge number of H-1Bs in the US from India.

Now one of them (a director no less) has been caught red handed doing a massive wire fraud.

Cisco was invaded + taken over long ago by the Indian Mafia as most American workers who built the company were driven out.

We are not importing the smartest people in the world for our “brilliant companies”. We are importing 3rd world criminal fraud.

“An ex-employee at Cisco Systems was arrested on Tuesday at San Francisco International Airport, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The charge? Allegedly defrauding the San Jose, Calif.-based hardware conglomerate to the tune of more than $9.3 million.

Prithviraj R. Bhikha was arrested on one very expensive count of wire fraud. Bhikha, whose employment with Cisco ended in 2017, is accused of using his previous position as a director of the company’s global supply chain division to establish a new program under his leadership. The project reportedly entailed identifying and commissioning third-party vendors to negotiate deals on parts used in Cisco product manufacturing

According to the allegations, after establishing several overseas entities on his own, Bhikha was responsible for directing and approving Cisco contracts with those companies.”.

Our best companies + their $ are being used to fund companies and business in other parts of the world by foreign nationals, which then moves more business + jobs offshore.

And we’re letting millions of them into the US on visa programs.

This kind of behavior happens at US companies much more than people suspect.

Just more proof that these people are not here to help the US economy. They are here to rob us. This is the true cause of the problems in the US economy – H-1B + other foreign work visas are enabling the importation of foreign competitors that are deceiving + looting us blind.

We need to wake up.

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