H-1B Bright Spots: Media Covers Long Hours, Jay Palmer Engages: CIS


“Two more bright spots on the H-1B scene have emerged lately: A revealing article has appeared in the mainstream media about the terrible work weeks many H-1Bs suffer, and Jay Palmer, a former Infosys staffer who successfully sued his employer (a major user of H-1Bs) a few years ago, has re-emerged in the arena

Laura Francis, of Bloomberg Law’s Daily Labor Report, wrote the story about the long hours (without a penny of overtime pay) that many H-1B workers experience, as they work in near-indenture to the big outsourcing companies, like HCL America and Tata Consultancy Services. This is a subject too often ignored by the press.

Second, the big Indian outsourcing firms have found that the usual anti-discrimination rules do not seem to apply to overseas hiring for U.S. jobs, so these firms can hire a nearly 100 percent Indian work force (preferably young males from the South of the country)”.

They don’t seem to apply inside the country either.

Too bad MSM doesn’t know that Americans worked like this for decades to create Silicon Valley long before the India Inc looting shops showed up.

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