India Inc Failure Shop Wipro Sues Nebraska Over Failed Proj

Criminal defamer Azim Premji‘s failure shop scam company Wipro just lost another customer – State of Nebraska.


A company has sued Nebraska over the cancellation of a state contact for an $84 million upgrade to the state’s Medicaid eligibility and enrollment computer system.

India-based Wipro Limited filed a lawsuit against the state Monday in Lancaster County District Court, alleging Nebraska hasn’t paid $15.5 million for work that was completed before the project was halted in September, the Lincoln Journal Star reported”.

Apparently it wasn’t completed. At least not satisfactorily.

Luckily Nebraska figured out it was being ripped off before Wipro made off with more of the state’s cash.

India Incs produce nothing but broken software.

National power provider US Grid found out the same thing the hard way and Snake Oil Man had to pay them $75 million in a settlement.

There have been many other Wipro fails.

Imagine screwing up a proj so bad it gets cancelled, then suing the client for millions for delivering nothing but worthless failed garbage.

This is how the Indian Mafia rolls.

It’s no wonder Nebraska canclled the contract, now that most US companies + organizations are waking up to the India Inc outsourcing fraud.

Wipro has a string of failed projects a mile long, in many states, and helped cause the 2008 financial collapse.

The death of Lehman Bros. on Wall St. in 2008 was caused by outsourcing to Wipro. Lehman found out it was being conned too late.

Now State gov’ts are waking up to the fraud. No one wants to go near Wipro with its massive failures everywhere.

These people are conmen.

20 years ago all we heard was “Indians can do it better, faster, cheaper”.

Nebraska sure doesn’t think so.

Snake oil salesman Azim Premji + his looter son are going to have to find something else to do. Maybe they can go back to selling cooking oil in Mumbai.

Apparently, not.

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