Who is Cognizant, the tech services company behind Facebook’s latest scandal?

An India Inc Organized Crime Syndicate mostly.

“Smartest people in the world” whom we have to import for our “brilliant companies“.

Isn’t that right Mr. Trump?

Even MSM is waking up now.


“As an outsourcer of technology services for a range of big American companies, Cognizant has largely remained below the radar since launching more than two decades ago. But it is suddenly being thrust into the spotlight for its work for moderating some of Facebook’s most graphic and controversial content…….

Though it’s not well-known among consumers, Cognizant has been a player in the tech outsourcing and consulting space for 25 years. Their clients are everywhere, using Cognizant for everything from call centers to IT strategy”.

Bribery, looting, stealing jobs, Title 8 violations, you name it, India Inc. does it.

Enforce all laws Mr. Trump.

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