Why I ‘Dared’ To Take On Wipro


Wipro is particularly proud of its Nasscom ‘Corporate Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion 2016′ and its Ethisphere ‘World’s Most Ethical Companies‘ awards. I’m not clear what criteria Nasscom applied when making this award but it disappoints me greatly that a company such as Wipro, which according to reports has the highest number of sexual harassment cases against it amongst Nifty companies, has made it on to the list at all”.

India Incs are all flash + hype, hiring PR and lobbying firms to shore up their image, funding their own studies, hiring hype-men like Vivek Wadhwa, and granting “Excellence Awards” right and left.

But the corrupt reality of these companies is much different, as this scathing article shows.

As for “diveristy + inclusion”? Wipro is into that all right – as long as you are Indian.

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