Carney: U.S. Does Not Have a Labor Shortage; It Has a Wage Shortage – Breitbart

No kidding.

50 million available and willing US workers are out of the workforce. Real unemployment is near Great Depression levels – 22%.

The DOL employment numbers are totally fake.

“President Donald Trump is right. America needs more workers.

But if his advisers are telling him that this means America needs higher levels of immigration, they are misleading the president. America does not need to import workers. We have plenty of potential workers who were sidelined by the Great Recession and globalization“.


When you allow a foreign criminal nation like India to move in and set up 1000s of illegal foreign staffing companies, who flood the US with millions of illegal visa workers, tens of millions of Americans are going to be unemployed.

Globalization has not been good for Americans as International Socialist Tom Friedman promised. The opposite has happened.

Even the Indian Mafia admits Americans have been duped.

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