Ivanka’s American Workforce Advisory Policy Board Stunt

With her dad calling for more floods of cheap labor, yet another board, program, whatever looks to be mostly show.

“Don’t worry, we’re going to help create jobs for Americans. Coming soon. Any day now…….”.

Meanwhile show-shop DHS continues to ignore Title 8, Section 1182 Inadmissible Aliens, Subsection 5 which makes most foreign workers inadmissible.

As Ann Coulter said “Nothing ever changes“.

No, nothing ever does.

Chamber of Commerce, big biz lobbies, and the banks still control the US gov’t, even if they are engaging in illegal wage-fixing.

Daddy’s little girl is just pulling PR stunts to kick the can down the road to keep the racket rolling…….

Wow, another meeting.

You will never create more and better jobs for American workers with one hand while the other continues to flood the country with unlimited cheap labor.

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