Dobbs on Apple

Americans built Apple.

Go back and watch the WWDC 2013 vids and see how many foregin workers you see.

But since Steve’s death in 2011 the number of Indian H-1Bs at Apple has soared.

As you can see, until Steve’s death in 2011, it was Americans, not foreign workers who built Apple. That’s almost 15 years of an American-run Apple and in that time it soared.

Apple has $200 billion in the bank. Of course it could pay American workers. But like all huge American companies it is now being used for International Socialist Wealth Redistribution as described in Gorbachev’s 1987 book “Perestroika”.

This is about more than just cheap labor and $. This is about socialism.

The world wants what we have.

Tim Cook is engaging in visa fraud.

“US acceptance of capitulation as the only alternative to atomic war”.

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