Migrants working in US send $138 billion home

This remittance map is staggering: foreign workers working in the US sent $138 billion out of the country.

What if that $ was either spent back into the US economy, or else used to fund schools, help homeless vets, or used to pay down debt. Instead we give it away to other countries.

Note that $7 billion alone is sent to Guatemala. US dollars are worth a king’s ransom in the third world.

Aside from Mexico, India + China are the biggest receivers.

In China remittances are illegal. Why aren’t they illegal in the US?

We’re being looted.

Top 10 Destinations for Remittances from the United States

1. Mexico: $28.1B

2. China: $15.4B

3. India: $10.7B

4. Philippines: $10.5B

5. Guatemala: $6.8B

6. Vietnam: $6.7B

7. Nigeria: $5.7B

8. El Salvador: $4.2B

9. Dominican Republic: $4.1B

10. Honduras: $3.4B

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