H-1B: Outsourcing giant games visa system to discriminate against non-South Asians in hiring

Of course they do. Everyone knows it.

India + the India Inc organized crime syndicates running rampant in America are the biggest racists on the planet. They are here to throw and keep Americans out of work and to steal our industries.

We’re being fooled, America.

“Outsourcing giant HCL Technologies and its Sunnyvale-based U.S. subsidiary are exploiting the H-1B visa system while discriminating against non-South Asian workers, a new lawsuit alleges.

The firm applies for and receives many more H-1B visas than it needs, gaming the lottery-based system to snatch up as many of the hard-to-obtain visas as possible, according to the lawsuit by Gregory Handloser, a salesman who alleges HCL denied him employment five times because it favors Indians and other South Asians.

“HCL has been able to secure visas for far more individuals than it actually has a present need for,” the lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in San Jose, claimed. “For example, HCL is consistently one of the top-10 H-1B visa recipients in the U.S., and from 2015 to 2017, HCL received 10,432 new H-1B visas and 310 L-1 visas, far more positions than could actually exist given that HCL only employs approximately 12,000 individuals in the United States.

“All, or substantially all, of the individuals for whom HCL secures visas are South Asian.

Where is the EEOC? Why do American taxpayers pay the EEOC $320 million a year for doing nothing?

India Incs are exploiting our visa system as a mass immigration invasion scheme. We don’t need these looters. They need America.

It’s all a huge fraud.

Too bad HCL was the prime cause of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner proj fails.

Indian Mafia is 100% racist + bigotted. Want proof? Here’s proof:

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