New H1-B rules bring more rejections on work visa renewals

About time. Because the entire H-1B program is one big huge ball of racism, fraud, corruption, and ripoffs. These racist Nazis have been looting the US for decades

“Under the Trump administration, new H1-B visa rules have brought new challenges for applicants of these temporary work visas, heavily used by Indian IT majors.

Now, it appears that renewal of these work visas has also thrown up hurdles, particularly hurting Indian IT majors.

According to the Centre for Immigration Studies, a US-based think tank, top IT firms Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Cognizant and Infosys faced the most rejections in extension of H1-B work visas in 2018″.

Well, just whose visa program is this anyway? America’s or India’s?

100% Indians

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