Tech Mahindra’s Failed $75 Million DMV Contract Boondoggle

Add this $75 million flush to the long list of India Inc conjob fails.

Another India Inc scam artist conshop gets $75 million of US $, we get another massive failed mess.

Loot + remit.

“The local think tank, Nevada Policy Research Institute that promotes the principles of limited government and free markets has published a scathing report on Indian IT company Tech Mahindra’s $75 Million contract to upgrade NV DMV.

The second, and admittedly much larger problem, was that not all of the employees could speak English.

English,” we learn that the “DMV had to edit project documentation and meeting minutes provided by the contractor for grammar and spelling because they were not written in a clear manner and were not useable.”

Now that’s what we call efficient and better, faster, cheaper.

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