PG+E Bankruptcy can Harm Indian IT Firms

What about the Americans India Incs killed in the CA wildfires that were caused by PG+E and So. Cal Edison outsourcing to the Indian Mafia?

CA’s two largest utility companies outsourced to India Inc failure shops prior to the mass wildfires that destroyed billions in real estate + took lives.

That’s manslaughter at the very least.

What no one will tell you is that PG+E is going bankrupt due to lawsuits from the CA wildfires which destroyed many million $ CA homes.

The cause of the fires? Faulty equipment deployed by the unqualified IQ 82 India Inc. workers.

And whom did PG+E outsource their work to in order to “cut costs”, get things done “better, faster, cheaper“?

Tata Consultancy Services, and Wipro, just to name a few – both India Inc outsourcers.

Thanks India!

You did this to yourselves.

Now all the India Inc looters are worried about is whether they’re going to get paid for their massive failed outsourcing contracts. Imagine destroying your client, then worrying about whether they’re going to pay you or not.

There are India Inc fails such as Boeing 787 proj delays, lawsuits, US Grid, etc. And then there are India Inc fails such as PG+E which actually killed people.

Azim Premji, his son Rashid, and Ratan Tata are still walking around free.


Why has no one been arrested for fraud – as the State of PA is doing with IBM, why wasn’t anyone held accountable. and why hasn’t anyone filed class action lawsuits against the India Inc outsourcers who caused the disaster.

Once again the India Inc hype boaster conmen make off with billions of our $, and all we get is – destruction.

At the very minimum we need to Federally regulate the near-monopoly India Inc staffing companies. This kind of behavior is killing us.

India Inc incompetence is literally destroying the US.

If this continues, the US will soon look + be like India – where nothing works correctly, no one has a job, and everything turns to crap.

Tata Consultancy Services is probably going to be affected by the bankruptcy filing of its customer Pacific Gas and Electric also inconveniences at other California utilities can hurt other Indian IT companies.

Californian utilities have confronted vulnerability for a considerable length of time over the prospect that they can be considered in charge of broken gear that prompted huge out of control wildfires in the US state. PG&E, the state’s biggest power provider, was connected to a progression of rapidly spreading fires in California, in which many individuals have died, & a large number of organizations and homes were decimated. Not long ago, the utility petitioned for bankruptcy protection in the wake of confronting the likelihood of billions of dollars in cases identified with the blazes.

TCS gained a multi-year, multi-million dollar outsourcing contract from the utility during 2017, a contract which prompted after-effect from hostile to offshoring activists.

PG&E is likewise an Infosys customer, yet it was not able to find out the effect of the contract on the Bengaluru-headquartered firm”.

Not exactly “better, cheaper” for anyone – including PG+E, and its shareholders, who will most likely be sued into oblivion now.

You may also recall a few years back when So. Cal. Edison decided to lay off most of it’s workforce and replace them with cheap IQ 82 H-1Bs – there was actually a shooting at the company’s facility.

100% Indian So. Cal. Edison outsourced workers, except for the cops shown.

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