Rolls Royce Picks Infosys to Source Engg, Digital Services

Rolls Royce sure does love pain.

One would have thought that after the Boeing 787 India Inc outsourcing disaster proj + $500 million lost due to engine failures caused by outsourcing to India Inc, Rolls would have given up on outsourcing.

But no, they just want more, more, more.

Have at it Rolls. How long can you stay in business with those kinds of losses?

India Inc looter failure shop InfoSys claims another victim.

“Rolls Royce, UK, has chosen India’s second largest IT company Infosys as its strategic long-term partner to provide engineering and digital services.

As per the partnership, the IT major will offer engineering and digital solutions for Rolls-Royce to fulfill their customer’s needs for viable energy”.

One of the biggest problems in India is unreliable power.

Looks like UK will be going dark soon.

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