Vodafone NZ secretly plans to outsource jobs to India: insider

Vodaphone was nearly destroyed years ago by the Indian Outsourcing Mafia. Now they are back in full force.

Vodaphone will probably go the way of Sun Micro soon.

Racist + bigotted InfoSys hates white people of all kinds and nations.

Vodaphone has been sued many times since outsourcing – for everything from massive customer service fails to pricing.


Thanks India!


“Vodafone NZ’s sweeping restructure involves “culling” hundreds of call centre roles and replacing some tech staff with “Indian counterparts”, an insider says.

He warns the telco plans to shed “technical network and install managers” and send the roles offshore.

“There have been reports that Indian staff have been found sleeping at their desks as they get used to working during New Zealand time,” the source said”.

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