Are the Indian mega-companies behind the H-1B Visa crisis?

Of course they are.

Plenty of proof all over the news.

There are no “gaps”, there are no shortages, InfoSys does cheat and keeps Americans out of the workforce.

Former Infosys recruiter says he was told not to hire U.S. workers

Oh – and India keeps its borders “artificially” closed to US tech workers.

India Incs most certainly aren’t following all rules and regulations in the US. In fact, nearly all their employees are inadmissible aliens, according to US law.

Thousands of H-1B Workers Are Underpaid, GAO Reports

GAO, Justice Dept. Seek H-1B Visa Reforms–justice-dept–seek-h-1b-visa-reforms.html

If there is a shortage of talent then why are we training them?

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