Here’s The Problem: The Pie Is Shrinking – Zero Hedge

20 years ago we were told importing millions of workers from the 3rd world would grow the US economy.

Exactly the opposite has happened – mainly due to mass remittance looting and industrial theft by foreign powers such as India + China.

52% of all Fortune 500 companies from 20 years ago have disappeared.

Entire sections of our economy have been moved to other countries, while we continue to import a million more foreign workers every year, most of whom come here for the sole purpose of dollar remittances back to their home countries.

The American pie is shrinking and fast. There already isn’t enough to go around for everyone.

If we don’t correct the problems and fast, soon there won’t be anything left for Americans.

It looks like Vivek Fraudhwa’s prediction of a massively growing US economy thanks to “making the pie bigger for everyone“, was totally incorrect.

Asia + Mexico have made off with most of our prosperity.

But all systems eventually track an S-Curve of rapid growth, maturation and depletion/decline, and surpluses diminish: the pie stops expanding and starts shrinking. There’s less to go around, and suddenly the political squabbling intensifies as every elite and every constituency seeks to preserve their slice of the pie at the expense of others”.

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