Another illegal India Inc “global staffing company” benching H-1B foreign workers

Benching” as it is known in the H-1B India Inc fraud “global staffing agency” world is totally illegal under US law.

Benching means paying an H-1B foreign worker a salary even though they are not working on real skilled work.

Fraud India Inc “global staffing” agencies do this all the time – in order to keep H-1Bs in the US.

Under US law all H-1Bs must leave the US and return to their own countries when their projects end.

The below job ad by one such faking fraud India Inc shop is typical of what goes on in the US. Note they are also charging $4,000 for “visa lottery processing”. That’s also totally illegal under US law.

DHS is nowhere to be seen.

No wonder American workers can’t find jobs.

There are 1000s of these small India Inc running loose in the US today. All of them are breaking the law.

Definitely not “enforcing all laws”, Mr. Trump.


“Hi ,

ASAP Data Solutions employs diverse IT professionals with strong technology skills and business knowledge. Our mature methodologies and cost-efficient delivery model enable us to effectively handle software projects of any scale and complexity.

At ASAP Data Solutions we believe in delivering high quality & reliable solutions to complex business problem of clients globally with our innovative & highly professional methodologies. With our continued dedication we look to become a single stop shop for all the IT needs of our customers. ASAP Data Solutions is one of the leading offshore software development service providers, offering an array of IT related services to its clients across the globe. With sound domain knowledge we aim to deliver value to our customers through our innovative software solutions and services

H1B Profiles:

We are seeking outstanding and bright candidates to work ONSITE at our client locations in USA.

we are looking for top notch candidates.

Bachelors / Masters in Computer Science , or other related field required

  • All Communications will be from Official Id.
  • Company Account Deposits
  • Denial Letter if not picked in Lottery.
  • RFE replies with Expert Team.

Company benefits 

  • Relocation bonus
  • Accommodation
  • Bench salary
  • Package details ( Monthly or percentage basis) , 
  • H1b refund amount detail after enrolled in US
  • H1b filing cost
  • 1st Term before lottery
  • 2nd term after lottery pickup

Please find below attachments and provide the documents as requested.and share me the below info to quick start the process. 
1. Name :2.Contact:3.EmailId:4.Skills:5.Total Experience in years:6.Confirmation on $4k ($2k before lottery + $2k after lottery) processing charges (Yes/No) :
For more Info call us on : +91 9573611707

Thanks & Regards,
Sanjay Gupta


Sanjay GuptaHR- RMS

ASAP Data Solutions LLC

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