Boeing 737 Max 8’s software had speed problems as well

New evidence reveals India Inc-engineered software for the crashed Boeing 787 Max 8 was also causing excessive speed problems – “well beyond the design of the aircraft”.

In addition to the failure of the automatic anti-stall software which caused the plane to dive repeatedly, the plane apparently also exceeded its safety limits for speed.

Boeing sending “most engineering and design work” to India has turned its latest planes into flying death traps.

Both the 787 Dreamliner, and the 737 Max 8 series are complete disasters.

The grounded 737 Max 8 fleets worldwide will cost airlines tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars.

Once again the “better, faster, cheaper” India Inc outsourcing hype proves to be mega-expensive.

Zero Hedge + NYT reports:

“While the controllers were instructing the other planes to keep their distance, a panicked Captain Getachew interrupted just three minutes into their flight and requested to turn back as the plane accelerated to even higher speeds well beyond the plane’s safety limits

The possibility that the two crashes had a similar cause was central to regulators’ decision to ground all 737 Maxes, a family of planes that entered passenger service less than two years ago.

After the Indonesia crash, a new flight-control system meant to keep the jet from stalling was suspected as a cause. In both cases, pilots struggled to control their aircraft. –NYT

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