Cognizant Opens ATG Solutions Center in Missoula, Montana

There goes Montana.

India Incs are using our visa systems and illegally low wages as a way to invade and take over the US. Nowhere is safe anymore.

This is silent conquest.

These India Incs move in to a city, fly in 1000s of illegal foreign workers, kick all Americans out of companies, take them over, then remit all our technology and cash back home.

We DO NOT need these people, they need our jobs and industries.

It’s that simple.

Until H-1B is ended as promised, we will continue to be manipulated by the Indian Mafia.

Worse, the clueless MT Governor, Steve Bullock actually thinks this will create jobs:

No, it isn’t – it’s about you taking payoffs from Cognizant, now isn’t that right Governor?

“The opening of Cognizant ATG’s new downtown office on Wednesday drew praise from state and city leaders, with Gov. Steve Bullock predicting a friendly tech rivalry brewing between Missoula and Bozeman.

Behind the scenes, Missoula city leaders also considered the success that led ATG to locate in Missoula back in 2011, and the local partnerships that made it an attractive acquisition by Cognizant with its plans for additional growth

We don’t have a lot of tools to recruit companies, but what we do have is an amazing location, fantastic people, a functioning local government, the University of Montana and the Missoula Redevelopment Agency,” said City Council member Gwen Jones. “Those are our tools where we can help create the right ecosystem to bring companies here and grow the companies we have.”.

We can just about assume that what probably went on was that the Governor + City Council were bribed by India Inc Cognizant to allow the invasion. Cognizant has been found guilty of bribery before.

No jobs are going to be created. Cognizant will throw all the local Americans out of jobs, and move their jobs back to India once they train all their H-1B industrial spies.

The number of available jobs will once again drop in the area, unemployment will rise, the politicians will be out in the next election, with pocketfuls of cash, and no one will be the wiser.

If you want to know the true causes of America’s economic ills, look no further than this kind of foreign takeover and industrial theft of US industry and jobs.

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