IBM chief Ginni Rometty: Indians lack the required skillsets

Now she’s just come right out and said it.

15 years ago India was going to be the savior of IBM.

Today, in fact, IBM is dying.

Another victim of the India Inc hype machine.

Of course IQ 82 India lacks the skillsets. They can’t even build enough toilets. The only skills India Inc has are marketing + PR hype.

This admission by Rometty is shocking and is tantamount to admitting India has been a total disaster for once-great IBM.

IBM is headed for extinction, that much is clear.

It’s just a matter of when.

Another victim of the India Inc outsourcing disaster that has wiped out hundreds of great American companies.

No wonder the US is losing jobs.

We’re being looted by the world’s foremost nation of conmen.

“There have been reports that nearly three-fourths of the millions of engineers and B-school graduates are not employable at all“.

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