It’s Time Indian Startups Build An Ethical Culture To Prevent Fraud: Deloitte

They would know.

The 1000s of faking fraud “global staffing agencies” run from India steal American tech workers’ resumes off Monster, paste Indians’ names on them, file for H-1Bs using a layer in the US, then get their conmen into the US to loot US jobs.

Indian ahem….. “startups”…… are so busy with faking and grabbing dollars that they never have time to actually create anything.

No wonder they can’t build a Silicon Valley of their own despite the hype.

“In our experience, we believe entrepreneurs need to look at founding ethical enterprises of the future and need to seed a culture of zero tolerance to fraud early on in the organisation’s evolution when companies enter the growth phase. Our recent India Corporate Fraud Perception Survey, where 58% of respondents believed incidents of fraud would rise in the next two years, has highlighted diminishing ethical values as one of the top three reasons for fraud. This is despite the belief held by 87% of survey respondents who said fostering an ethical mind-set amongst employees could prevent fraud. In fact, it is widely seen that aspects such as fraud risk management, regulatory (and other) compliance, and ethical conduct tend to take a backseat to the growth ambitions laid down by entrepreneurs as the business progresses along its growth trajectory”.

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