Sujeet Rajan of News India admits college admissions fraud in India is “like popular culture”

The world’s foremost criminal nation pioneered student admission fraud.

Desis, desi, desis, indians, indians, indians…….

They sure are racist.

“NEW YORK – Desis all over the world, not just in India, would have been struck by the most talked about national story in the United States this week: the biggest college admissions cheating scandal, which is more like popular culture back home.

This kind of stuff is ingrained into the subconscious of most desis what with Bollywood films like ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’ still providing crass humor; making it seem for some more of a blasé comedy than a scam

Meanwhile, in India, come exam time, cheating scams remain unabated“.

Why, thank you Sujeet, for admitting the criminal Indian drag on the US is the US’s biggest problem today.

And not just student fraud, but massive foreign guest worker and visa fraud too.

Like he said, it’s ingrained in the Indian mindset + culture.

No wonder the US has problems with armies of these criminal parasites being dumped in every year. No wonder all our great companies they touch die eventually. They’re all conmen.

We need to end all student visas now.

We should be educating our own people.

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