US Techworkers: OPT: Gateway to Cheap Labor Dependence

Great article from US Techworkers which shows how “international student” visas + their programs such as Optional Practical Training are really just gateways to the cheap labor pipeline for Korporate Amerika.

Most of these “students” end up on H-1Bs quickly after graduation, and then rob jobs from American skilled workers.

F-1, H-1B, OPT, and CPT are all stealth cheap labor scams.

“Americans need to know about a couple of little-known programs that allow foreign students on F-1 visas to get tax-free jobs. They’re “little known” to Americans being injured by the programs, but not to the businesses and F-1s exploiting the windfall

Because there is no limit to the number of OPT work permits that can be issued, OPT has become more of a threat than H-1B. The director of Bright Future Jobs in Chicago and American STEM advocate Donna Conroy says staffing companies hire large numbers of foreign OPTs, then “farm them out to tech firms all over the country.


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