Gov’t Outlines How Bosses Should Notify Staff Of H-1B Hires

“The Department of Labor issued guidance Friday advising ways that employers can notify employees of plans to hire foreign workers under the H-1B skilled worker visa program in order to comply with federal law.

The Immigration and Nationality Act requires that employers notify all affected workers, who include individuals who are at the same work site or in the same occupational classification as the prospective H-1B workers, including those employed by a third-party employer. The agency advised that, if employers choose to provide notice electronically, they must ensure all employees have access to and are aware of the notice“.

Surprise! Nearly every India Inc “global staffing comapny” operating in America is in violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act since most of them never notify American workers of their intent to hire foreign workers.

More ruthless lawlessness by the Indian Mafia running amok in the USA.

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