Chamber of Commerce: International Student Job Robber Conduit

The illegal wage-fixing Chamber of Commerce is probably the biggest facilitator of cheap labor in the US.

The Chamber represents mostly US business, whose members pay dues to the Chamber to go to DC + lobby the US gov’t for more cheap labor.

The Chamber is the biggest lobbyist in DC. It has way too much power for special interests.

Business demands unlimited cheap young, controllable labor and that is what the Chamber provides.

“International student visas” are used to subjugate and dominate US workers into oblivion.

All of it, or course is illegal under US law if American workers are adversely affected.

But no one is going to stop the illegal wage-fixing Chamber. It simply has too much money and power in DC to be stopped.

So much for “We are going to enforce all laws”.

If laws were enforced, the Chamber would be shut down under RICO laws, since it is, in effect, racketeering for business. Not to mention Title 8, Section 1182 Inadmissible Aliens, Subsection 5 which makes nearly all foreign labor illegal.

Karen Minty should be arrested for wage-fixing, along with Chamber president, Tom Donahue.

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