Dr. Gene Nelson, PhD. on Boeing

More evidence the recent 737 Max 8 crashes were caused by outsourcing to India Inc.

“Another example of what can likely be traced to employer abuse of the H-1B Visa program: Boeing 737 Max flight control software suffers from quality problems. . . . . . Readers of this page likely know that Boeing hires many H-1Bs to create its software now. . . . . . Here’s an excerpt from a 14 March 2019 NPR story: https://www.npr.org/…/boeing-will-pause-delivery-of-737-max…

……..KASTE: Arnie Walter is getting his ’83 Mercedes serviced at a shop near the 737 plant. He used to work on the supplier side of things in there. And he thinks Boeing’s quality assurance, QA as he puts it, has suffered.
WALTER: I would say that if it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t going because, you know, QA is so good. But I’m kind of worrying now that they’re pushing the production so high. Sometimes when they’re pushing production, it’s – oh, this guy always does good work. They sign it off without really, really doing the due diligence.
KASTE: There’s no indication yet that QA is connected to the cause of these crashes. Right now the focus is on flight control software, which was meant to compensate for the tendency of the plane’s nose to rise, which itself was the result of Boeing’s decision to marry newer, bigger engines to an older airframe design….”

And of course that software work was outsourced to India.

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