Get Out of Oracle

Mar 17, 2019

This account shows what a violent, insane, criminal nation India really is. These people are dangerous and uncivilized and we are letting millions of them into our country and companies. This is national suicide.

I can totally believe this. As I have got depressed after joining Oracle 3 months back. The management in India is sick. They shout and scream at work, in meetings. Talk in Hindi, Telugu in a team meeting. Every meeting my India manager forces us to play some sh–ty games like paper toss, mafia, etc. and wasting 2 hours. Then after 2 hours (which includes lunch break), asks the status of the work, which was given in the meeting before all the games.

In my 3 months, I have seen employees being treated like sh–. Manager randomly shouts if the work is not to his satisfaction. In a meeting, he used works like f— you, this s—s, Hindi abusive language. Manager is indian who is working from USA.

I informed this to HR, who say, he is a director and a growing leader, we should give one more chance to him. What chance ? I was shocked when the indian HR said this.

Now I have resigned, but they have yet confirmed. Manager is not responding. HR is in “I don’t care” mode. One of the employees tells me, they want to use you for layoff. But isn’t it against the company policies, when employee has resigned like 2 weeks backs ? Anyways layoff means I get a month of two salary extra, so why cry about it.

All I can say is, I would never ever want to return to this company.

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No one should have to put up with c-ap like this. It shows you how desperate some people are to stay in the company.