‘Half-Baked Thinking’ On Immigration Breeds Violence: Khizr Khan

So if you want to defend your culture and way of life you are “half-baked”.

If you don’t want to be run out of your own industries and country, you are “half-baked”.

If you don’t want to see your fellow countrymen murdered, beheaded, job-robbed, and looted, you are “half-baked”.

But if western Christians emigrate to muslim countries and carry a bible, they are murdered, strung upside down on phone poles, you name it.

Just ask Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Westerners rightly perceive that the intent of these invaders is conquest, and to overcome western culture.

But if anyone opposes them, the very immigrants we welcomed with open arms attacks them.

This clown Khan just further goes to prove the real intent of these people.



Nigerian Muslim Militants Kill 120 Christians in Three Weeks


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