Indicted drug analyst Annie Dookhan’s e-mails reveal her close personal ties to prosecutors

Another fine example of Trump’s “smartest people in the world” that our “brilliant companies” can’t do without.

Most of them are criminals. H-1B has become a conduit for other nations to dump their criminals into the US.

By Andrea Estes and Scott Allen December 20, 2012

“Annie Dookhan was supposed to be an independent witness, a state chemist coolly analyzing drug evidence for the court. But her e-mails over the last nine years, obtained by the Globe, vividly detail her close relationship with prosecutors, including a man to whom she poured her heart out, and her strong desire to put suspects behind bars.

Dookhan, arraigned Thursday on 27 counts of altering drug evidence and obstructing justice, viewed herself as part of the prosecution team the e-mails show. She coached assistant district attorneys on trial strategy and told one that her goal was “getting [drug dealers] off the streets.’’ When Dookhan told a prosecutor that she could not testify in her case, the woman replied with an anguished: “No no no!!! I need you!!!

The e-mails show Dookhan was prone to fabrications, repeatedly making up grandiose job titles for herself, such as “special agent of operations’’ for the FBI and other federal agencies.’’

Grandiose? Prestige-seeking Indians? Nah, couldn’t be….

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