L.A. Times scrambles to explain away 737 Max 8 mess


Most likely either a NASSCOM or Boeing PR piece to distract from the fact that Boeing outsourced the 787 Max 8’s software to failure shop India which screwed up and caused the crashes when the software failed.

Most “news” today is in fact, paid for PR.

The undercurrent of the article being “it wasn’t Indian engineers who caused the problem, no it was those long-dead American engineers from 60 years who who messed up“.

Funny how these planes never had these kinds of mishaps until the work was sent to India.

Gotta love the blame game.


“First introduced in West Germany as a short-hop commuter jet in the early Cold War, the Boeing 737-100 had folding metal stairs attached to the fuselage that passengers climbed to board before airports had jetways. Ground crews hand-lifted heavy luggage into the cargo holds in those days, long before motorized belt loaders were widely available.

That low-to-the-ground design was a plus in 1968, but it has proved to be a constraint that engineers modernizing the 737 have had to work around ever since. The compromises required to push forward a more fuel-efficient version of the plane — with larger engines and altered aerodynamics — led to the complex flight control software system that is now under investigation in two fatal crashes over the last five months”.

Oh we get it, it’s the 60-year old design that worked fine for 60 years that is the problem, not the incompetent Indian software engineers who screwed it up……

Epic fail, India – and you know it.


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