Raising America’s Pay – An initiative of the Economic Policy Institute


“Right now there is much debate over what to do about rising income inequality in America. These discussions too often miss that the key to shared prosperity is to foster wage growth. Pay of the vast majority of Americans has been stuck for decades, even though productivity and earnings at the top are escalating. Americans are working harder, more productively, and with more education than ever, but are treading water, as an enormous and ever-increasing share of income growth goes to corporate profits and executive pay. This is a solvable problem. It can be traced in no small part to policies that have allowed labor standards, business practices, and ideas of fairness to increasingly favor employers at the expense of workers“.


But with the huge illegal wage-fixing Chamber of Commerce as the biggest lobbyist in DC, and with coporate lobbying, and immigration lawyers and lobbying, combined with illegal unregistered foreign registered agents such as rhcusa.com continuing to manipulate the US, there is little chance that that will happen.

Oh, and since the central bankers need to keep everyone poor in order to keep them in debt, mass immigration will continue to be used as a weapon against well-paid American workers.

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