Skills gap, jobs gap, and more shortage shouting

This gap, that gap, the sky is falling. Skilled workers are more rare than gold, etc.

At least that is what the media, corporate America, and NASSCOM PR agencies would like the public to believe.

This article is just paid PR. By foreign lobbies, by the corporate cheap labor establishment.

The truth is there is a mass surplus of skilled American workers available to take jobs right now.

Most of these “news” articles are, in fact, PR and propaganda from India, and from corporate America.

India + its companies know that under US H-1B law it is illegal for any foreign national to enter the US for work if Americans will be harmed. Title 8 says so. That is why this kind of shortage shouting propagada has been going on for over 25 years – because without the illusion that there is a shortage of workers, all of these cheap labor schemes are totally illegal.

The real unemployment rate in the US is around 22% – near Great Depression levels. Still.

Corporate America wants cheap labor + the SJW agenda, India needs jobs, jobs, jobs for its 360 million unemployed.

There is no “jobs” gap or any other kind of gap. It’s all fake. As 3 GAO studies, professors Ron Hira, and Hal Salzman have proven, there is in fact a suplus of workers:

  • Americans created Silicon Valley long before 3rd world invaders wanted the jobs.
  • There is a huge surplus of American tech workers
  • Many large US companies are being used as international socialist wealth redistribution engines today
  • Foreign countries with huge numbers of unemployed in the 3rd world need jobs, and America has them
  • Business lobbies such as Chamber of Commerce,, and Immigration Voice push more immigration
  • Immigration lawyers make huge $ off immigration – billions annually

There is no shortage and never will be. America has a huge worker suplus.

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