US immigration policies hamper entrepreneurial ambitions

When you hear job-desperate Indians use phrases such as “entrpreneurial” what it really means is: “we’re going to loot you“.

The vast majority of these “international students” come to the US, get fake degrees, open their own “global staffing companies”, file for more H-1Bs, only hire more foreign “international students”, and then never leave. Most of them want to use US immigration policies as mass invasion schemes.

India is using student visas to colonize and take over the US.

Of course most of these “entrepreneurs” never create anything. Most of their “global staffing companies” are here for dollar remittances to send home. Huge successful US corporations which India is unable to produce draw these remittance looters like magnets. It’s the dollars and skills they are after – since USD are worth a king’s ransom back home. Many of them return home millionaires by age 30 off America’s back, thanks to the exchange rate.

All America gets are destroyed companies, loss of capital, industrial theft, and decline.

America needs to wake up to the effects of importing millions of these parasitic invaders.

Corporate America sure wants its cheap, young, controllable, labor.

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