People flee H-1B heavy states

Zero Hedge reports on the states people are fleeing the most. Guess which ones they are? They’re the ones where the highest concentrations of H-1Bs from India moved to decades ago, which are now completely ruined: CA, NY, NJ.

No one wants to live in those hellholes anymore. They’ve been completely trashed and siphoned by the Indian invasion. Taxes are high, due to foreign L-1 workers brought in by India Incs not paying any taxes, infrastructure and quality of life have plummeted, and jobs for Americans are disappearing since the Indian Mafia is keeping Americans out of jobs.

Unfortunately all those losers who did not keep the economy of those states going as promised are now flooding into AZ, which will be ruined next.

The verdict is in: everywhere these people go, there is collapse and decay.

What is being pulled off in America today by foreign nations is a deception without precedent in human history: the siphoning of the greatest economy history has even known, all with little opposition. As Chinese generals said a few years back: “We can’t believe what we are getting away with”.

Most of the failed states have had to raise taxes to make up for loss of tax revenue when Americans lost their jobs due to remittance-hungry H-1Bs from other countries replacing them. High taxes, no jobs for Americans, no local spending, and foreign workers all remitting their pay home are a sure way to kill any state economy. We wonder if any politicians in those states even realize what they are doing. Since InfoSys has now moved into CT, NC, and MT, we can expect those states will go next.

When you combine this with all the US industry stolen and moved offshore by many of these H-1B industrial spies, it becomes clear why these states are in trouble. The combined economic effects of all this are devastating to any state economy.

Far from keeping economies going as promised, foreign workers are here to loot us, and that is what is happening now. Why as a nation do we continue to import and employ non-performers?

American WorkersForeign Workers
– Earn and spend here– Remit their pay home
– Buy houses + cars– Don’t buy houses or cars
– Earn more == pay more taxes– Earn less == pay less taxes
– Spend here– Remit home
– Pay income taxesPay no income taxes in some cases such as L-1 visa holders
– Develop + grow local industries– Engage in industrial esponage + moving jobs offshore

What The Exodus From These States Teaches Us

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