SAITJ: Indian Corruption Destroys the IT Industry

“The Indian IT Mafia Mega firms have greatly harmed the American Information Technology Workforce for decades.  Their notorious practices and collaborations with greedy US Corporations have resulted in USA IT professionals training their H-1B or L-1 Indian replacements in order to receive severance pay.  This is outrageous. Outsourced IT professionals who have to train their foreign guest worker replacements have also been victims of job discrimination by the India-based IT services firms.  The prime examples are these companies:

These Indian companies have ignored or shoved aside American IT professionals for years, whether through lay offs or by employment discrimination.  These companies are 95% Indian and IT professionals who have trained their H-1B IT replacements are on the street unemployed.  Many IT professionals have lost their homes and careers permanently.  The Indian IT Mafia has through the years violated US laws and has been subject to several fines and have been found guilty of labor law violations and software thievery”.

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