FAA Now Outsourcing Certification Process Too: Zero Hedge

Has the Indian Mafia gotten hold of the FAA as well?

After all, it was FAA who banned India’s HCL outsourcer from ever working on the near-failure 787 proj when it was discovered HCL’s software for the plane was too dangerous to fly.

The Indian Mafia does not take kindly to its, ahem….. business…… being interrupted.

A similar takeover happened years ago at Neilsen Ratings in FL in order to sabotage the ratings of Lou Dobbs on CNN in order to get him off the air when he began exposing India Incs on national TV:

If something stands in the way of the Indian Mafia they simply manipulate it out of existence.

HCL and other India Incs may have become enraged enough when the FAA banned them on the 787 proj to try to get control of the FAA certification process itself in order to approve substandard and unsafe outsourced work.

Since Boeing sent most of its aircraft work to India, India Incs sure aren’t going to allow a puny US gov’t agency such as FAA to stop their work. No, better just to fly the planes dangerously than to lose business.

This also means there may be a lot of other hidden dangers lurking in US aircraft, which have gone unnoticed and were ‘approved’ by an outsourced FAA, now under the control of the Indian Mafia.

Once nearly foolproof, the entire US air transportation system has been compromised by India Incs.

Boeing/FAA Saga “Is A Perfect Microcosm Of Our Twisted & Broken Culture”


“Given the plethora of information to emerge in recent days, it turns out the rest of the world was correct to distrust the FAA and Boeing. The most illuminating article on the subject was published yesterday in The Seattle Times, titled: Flawed Analysis, Failed Oversight: How Boeing, FAA Certified the Suspect 737 Max Flight Control System.

If you read one article today, that should be it. It becomes perfectly clear that both the FAA and Boeing played major roles in allowing flawed planes to fly all over the world, and it took two disastrous crashes, as well as the whole world grounding them, to finally act.

Here’s some of what we learned. First, the FAA essentially outsourced much of its certification process for the 737 MAX planes to Boeing itself. Yes, you read that right”.

And from the article mentioned:

“It had full authority to move the stabilizer the full amount,” Lemme said. “There was no need for that. Nobody should have agreed to giving it unlimited authority.”

Looks like fat H4 Indian software test wives for Boeing need to update their test case matrix to include edge cases.

Yes India, you DO have to put limits in software so it doesn’t drive planes into the ground against the pilots’ wishes.

Smartest people in the world our “brilliant companies” like Boeing just have to have. Right Mr. Trump?

But the real culprit is not Boeing nor FAA but India Inc since that is where Boeing outsourced most of the work to. Once again, a once-flawless system built by Americans is now broken, thanks to India Inc.

India Incs have been caught bribing officals before. Was that the case with the FAA?


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