H-1B Is a Gamble, So We’re Coming Home: Young Indians in America

Good. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

These “smartest people in the world” should have no problem creating the next Apple or Microsoft in India right?


This article is really just a collection of popular H-1B YouTube vids and comments.

Best of all, they didn’t pull any punches in admitting H-1B is all about cheap, indentured labor, which is illegal under US law.


“Everything you do is linked to your H1B Visa. Including your driver’s license, which is valid only for the duration of your H1B visa.”

“H1B Exploited by Consulting Companies”

By providing you with the H1B, companies entail full rights to exploit you as they see fit, says C Reddy in the video.

They may provide you with a base salary as per your contract and make an oral deal with you, saying that they will pay you a majority commission based on your services.

However, in most cases, they will make a 100 percent profit off of you and not pay you even half of the amount that’s your due, he says.


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