Seattle is Dying

20 years ago Americans were promised the huge flood of 3rd world workers would keep our once beautiful nation booming and strong.

20 years later, the opposite has happened: once great US cities are dying or dead, most of the US west coast is unlivable, and many Americans can no longer find good jobs.

The tidal waves of foreign guest workers has sucked the life out of America, as Ross Perot predicted in 1990.

Remittances, industrial theft, technology trasnfer, industrial espionage, offshoring, and outsourcing have destroyed the US economy and destroyed many once great American places to live.

Seattle, and the US are slowly dying. I has happened slowly, over decades, so many in newer generations don’t notice. But the decline is palpable and everywhere.

We The People have been robbed and hoodwinked by globalists and foreign powers. Our treasonous gov’t has sold us out and failed to defend us, which is their duty. It is highly unlikely (short of a revolution) that anything will change.

It may be too late to save America.

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