In Major Blow To Boeing, Indonesian Airline Cancels $6 Billion 737 Max Order

The execs at Boeing must be hating life.

Their attempts to “cut costs” and “maximize shareholder value” by sending most Boeing engineering work to India have backfired massively.

Order cancellations, lawsuits, possible criminal probes, grounded planes, and redesign + repairs all spell huge losses for Boeing.

Trying to outsource work to India to cut costs didn’t quite work out as planned.

The 787 Max crash fiasco + fallout prove once again that outsourcing to India Incs actually increases costs + creates all kinds of new problems for US companies.

Offshoring is, at this point, an indisputable epic fail.

Any US corporation that wants to stay in business will abandon these tactics real fast, or face going out of existence.

“The US Department of Transportation has requested an audit of the FAA’s approval process for the Max 8 jets, while the FBI is reportedly participating in a criminal investigation of the certification process”.

And most likely screw every part of it up, too.

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