OPINION: Immigrants don’t steal jobs, they help create them

Of course they steal jobs.

India Inc organized crime syndicate “global staffing agencies” even steal Americans’ resumes, paste Indians’ names on them, then send them in for the job. Since most Indians lack the kinds of tech resumes American tech workers have, they have to steal resumes to get hired, and to stay in the US on work visas.

All of it is crime.

There are 1000s of these India Inc frauds shops operating all across America.

Some India Inc outsourcers such as Mastech Digital even post charts on their wesbites showing how by bringing in foreign workers, they are able to steal and move US jobs back to India.

No one is buying the PR hype stories anymore.

Mastech Digital only hires 100% Indians in violation of 4 US Federal laws.

The looters even got a hyped-up PR piece in the news to keep the ball rolling:

We can assure you that in 1986 there were zero Indian IT staffing companies operating in the US. The article is lying. In 1986 Silicon Valley and most IT in the US was 99% white American males.

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