Secret Weapon: Immigrants Help America Keep Its Technological Edge

NASSCOM sure has its PR firms in overdrive today.

You may recall immigration shill Michio Kaku a few years back giving the outrageous statement on stage that US universities were “built by immigrants” and that America’s secret weapon was the H-1B visa.

All lies of course, since most American technology and even most modern industry was built by Americans – including Silicon Valley, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, NASA, microchips, and most major modern aerospace. Kakook was probably either paid or death-threated by the Indian mafia to hype up immigration.

The globalists and our foreign competitos want to keep the illusion up that they are needed in America, so the lies continue. They need us, we don’t need them.

America has been losing the global technology competition ever since it began importing foreign workers.

Why? Because in truth most of them are here to steal our technologies, industries, and jobs and move them back to their home countries.

Industrial esponage is a huge problem for the US, and most of these “immigrants” come here to take from us.

Americans built America, and that is a historical fact.

When you see these immigrant hype stories in the news, understand that they are mostly paid PR by foreign powers – mostly India and China. And by globalists like Soros who want “open societies”.

No, immigrants did not build America.

Indians did not invent the internet.

No, immigrants did not build NASA, nor send men to the moon.

SpaceX is mostly American workers. Oh yeah – and they just rendered the Russian space agency obsolete.

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