Temporary Indian guest workers who never left after Y2K now on the defensive

The shattered American IT dream

“Thousands of Indian IT professionals working in the US are facing rejection of their visa-extension applications in a regime that has become increasingly protectionist. But relocation to India is often not easy

For decades, India’s software engineers fancied an onsite stint in the US, and more often than not this worked as a motivation for joining the technology services industry”.


First of all, they’re not “Indian IT professionals” – they’re Y2K visa overstayers and temporary guest workers who were supposed to go home in 2002 when Y2K ended but never left.

Secondly, the H-1B visa isn’t an immigration visa, it’s temporary, non-immigrant visa, and it was never supposed to be taken over by a foreign power like India and used as a mass immigration visa to the US.

Just whose gov’t is this?

India seems to think H-1B is an unlimited wide open door for all of India to move to the US.

This isn’t the case.

H-1B is a very limited, restrictive visa, and the US actually has very restrictive immigration laws on the books.

Open borders is and always was a legal fiction dreamed up by old hippies from the 1960’s – the Clintons – who have deranged minds about America’s immigration laws. They are lawyers and don’t even know US law.

It was the Clintons who threw America’s borders open in the 1990s and 2000 to flood the US with too many surplus workers from India and China.

None of it had any basis in US immigration law.

There never was any “American IT dream” for Indians coming to the US on H-1B. It is and always was a temporary limited guest worker program.

Y2K ended 17 years ago, tens of millions of Americans are sill out of work, and the millions of workers from India have not performed as promised and have not kept the US economy booming as they promised to when they invaded American-built Silicon Valley almost 20 years ago.

Guests are guests, and now the house of America has finally told them to leave.

Fix your own country, smartest people in the world.

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