HSI Investigators Expose Six Conspiracies for Job, College Theft – Breitbart


“Homeland Security Investigators (HSI) are exposing numerous cases of fraud as a wave of foreigners tries to sneak into Americans’ middle-class colleges and white-collar jobs.

The latest example of college theft came from California, where HSI investigators at the Department of Homeland Security helped detect an alleged cheating ring organized by two Chinese immigrants.

The two Chinese allegedly hired Chinese-Americans to take English-language tests on behalf of Chinese clients for $400 per test. The test opened the doors for the Chinese students to get Americans’ college slots, then F-1 student visas and job permits via two work-permit programs, dubbed Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Media reports also say that foreign students fake their educational records and cheat in routine academic tests so they can enroll in U.S. universities and then get work permits. The fraud pushes young Americans out of American universities and out of American jobs“.

As we already reported, in China there are companies you can hire to take your SAT or GRE for you in the US. In India there are “proxies” who will do your Skype or phone interview for you.

Years ago even left-leaning Salon reported on Asia’s Rampant Cheating problem.

These looters from the criminal nations in Asia will use any trick in the book to get into the US, loot American jobs, keep Americans out of work, and steal all our industry and tech so they can send it home.

It’s time for a new Chinese Exclusion Act and Indian Exclusion Act since these people are destroying the US and destroying Americans. This is the very reason the original Chinese Exclusion Act was passed in the 1800’s during the railroads.

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