Launch Of New Accenture Microsoft Business Group

Looks like another outsourcer is about to get its tentacles into Microsoft. Expect to see another massive layoff @ Microsoft soon as more jobs are shipped off to India.

Accenture and Microsoft, in conjunction with their joint venture Avanade, announced the launch of the Accenture Microsoft Business Group.

The new group elevates a longstanding strategic alliance. It expands combined service capabilities, global scale, and joint solution development to help clients overcome disruption and lead transformation in their industries.

In response, the new organization represents the largest partner investment in harnessing the enterprise-wide potential of Microsoft technology to date.

Building on the success of Avanade, the group will bring together more than 45,000 dedicated professionals. This represents the largest group of Microsoft solution experts in the world. With new joint products and services built on the Microsoft cloud, clients will be able to engage customers in new ways, empower employees, reimagine operations and also invent new products and services.

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