Fat, lazy Indian H4 software test wives just won’t stop whining…

Talent, diversity, blah, blah, blah. These people are more concerned with SJW than with actually doing work.

Someone needs send her a news flash that Silicon Valley was not created by diversity, but most by white Americans.

Shut up and work.

I had to spend years doing consulting jobs, surviving on a small salary and bringing up my daughter in the expensive Bay Area, somehow to revive my career. I had to work twice as hard as many men. And every woman who tries to return to work force knows that a great challenge lies ahead of her. To curtail even that chance to get there is unfair and unethical.

I am also a part of a diversity inclusion team at Intel, where we have a number of goals. While our internal goal is to ensure diversity, what happens is that while many women start, their careers span like a pyramid. Many continue dropping out for personal, family, or even visa-related reasons. Thus, only a precious few are able to reach the top.

The effort of the administration should be to nurture this talent and make them fruitful for the better future of America. Sadly, taking away their right of work adds to frustration, which in many cases, leads to them simply leaving America for more promising lands to re-start their careers”.


Well, we’ve been “nuturing” you for 20 years and so far you’ve produced notthing but complaints. And you don’t seem too concerned about the American workers who worked 85 hours a week to build Silicon Valley so you could walk in and take their jobs.

What about them? Do you hear them whining about you and your unfairness?

You have had 20 years to produce something for America and you have done zip so now it is time for you to go.

America doesn’t reward non-performers.

We’re tired of your complaints. Since you are all Y2K visa overstayers and temporary guest workers you have no say in how ou gov’t operates or when we can or cannot eject you for any reason, at any time.

You failed, didn’t perform as promised, so now it is time for you to go.

Go to those other lands you talk about so much and create your own opportunity there.

If you can.

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