Bloomberg Op-Ed: Immigrant Soldiers, Workers Needed for Geopolitical Power – Breitbart

Globalist frontman Henry “All Indians are bastards anyway” Kissinger just shilled for more mass immigration in Bloomboig.

The illegal unregistered foreign agent shilled that the US needs more “young people” in order to keep the economy going and to keep US influence abroad intact.

Too bad age discrimination in hiring is illegal under US law.

And the vast majority of these immigrants hate the US, and are here to loot our industries, not help the US economy.

When American workers ran the US economy in 1998 it was booming and the US was about to pay its debt off. 20 years of invasion has driven the US into $22 trillion of debt and shipped hundreds of trillion of $ of our industries offshore.

We don’t need these people, they need us.

We are importing the 3rd world, not Germans and Japanese who are proven to be top engineers.

How come that is Mr. Kissinger?

Maybe Tom Donahue cheap labor Chamber of Commerce man or India’s manipulative NASSCOM lobby got to Kissinger and made or paid him to shill for more 3rd world invasion.

And foreign soldiers in our military would certainly be a disaster for the US if war broke out.

Indians are “a slippery, treacherous people“, said the late US president Richard Nixon.

The Indians are bastards anyway. They are the most aggressive g**damn people around”, echoed his assistant for national security affairs, Henry Kissinger.

Here’s some “racist-based politics” for you: India’s and China’s borders are still closed to US skilled workers in direct violation of globalization.

100% Indians. Race-based xenophobia all the way.

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