Pichai an unregistered foreign agent?

Breitbart article today:

Google Asks for Meeting With Top U.S. General After He Slammed Them for Benefiting Chinese Military


“Google requested a meeting with the U.S.’s top general, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, after he called the tech company out for conducting work that directly benefitted China’s military, while refusing to work with the U.S. military”.

These are the dangers of letting foreign nationals run your tech companies: they can be taken over and used by foreign powers to work against you.

Our top tech companies are being used against us now.

Is Google’s Indian-born CEO Sundar Pichai an illegal unregistered foreign agent?

Our tech companies are the envy of the world and are way too valuable to be in the hands of any foreign national.

The US needs a new policy that our major tech companies are national security assets and must be under the control of American CEOs. China’s military and India are laughing at how dumb we are to let them just walk in and take over everything we have built. Google, Microsoft, Adobe, are all under foreign control now. GM just appointed a new foreign Indian national COO who could authorize shipping all GM industry to China. GM already has joint ventures there.

We as Americans had better wake up because we’re being slow-motion conquered by foreign powers.

Investigate Pichai and his activities now, Mr. Trump.

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